wZD is a powerful storage and database server, designed for big data storage systems with small and large files for mixed use and dramatically reduces count of small files for extend abilities any normal or clustered POSIX compatible file systems.

...and billions of files will no longer be a problem.

  • Multi threading
  • Multi servers for fault tolerance and load balancing
  • Complete file and value search
  • Supports HTTPS and IP authorization
  • Supported HTTP methods: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS, PUT, POST and DELETE
  • Manage read and write behavior through client headers
  • Support for customizable virtual hosts
  • Linear scaling of read and write using clustered file systems
  • Effective methods of reading and writing data
  • Supports CRC data integrity when writing or reading
  • Semi-dynamic buffers for minimal memory consumption and optimal network performance tuning
  • Includes multi threaded wZA archiver for migrating files without stopping the service

And more... https://github.com/eltaline/wzd